Our Story Part 3

Big thanks to…

We have been spoilt with lots of support from family, friends and colleagues. We are indebted to Alice Berry, Jen’s kiwi cousin, an extremely talented graphic designer with whom we worked to develop the Brimmers bird brand. In fact, we were so pleased with the branding, we have it engraved on our range of cocktailware. For this, I have Tony Saunders at Leawood Tech in Matlock to thank. He is a master engraver and so kind to help me navigate through the uncharted waters of graphic design and the vagaries of laser technology! The book would not have been published without the help and support of my dear sister-in-law Philly, Shahid Khan and his army of typesetters and Nick Singh at Ingram for getting it in print. And I was delighted to work with an up-and-coming digital marketing agency from Nottinghamshire (my county of birth), Fishpool, who have put together this website.

Finally, I must thank Jen. Brimmers is a shared idea and a shared venture of ours. Jen’s role as taster-in-chief, proof-reader extraordinaire and eagle-eyed reviewer of everything from bottle labels to cocktail shaker caps cannot be underestimated.